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Creating & Measuring a Robust Strategic Plan

Sep 23, 2022

Given the challenging labor market, rising inflation, increased construction demand, and volatile...

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Bridging Construction’s Digital Data Gap

Jul 22, 2022

Labor shortages and supply chain delays impact a construction company’s ability to maximize proje...

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Chat with the Chairman: First Time Conference Attendees

Jun 20, 2022

Chairman Tom Borgia sits down with Jeannie Spencer, Director of Finance and Partner at Bremik Con...

No Guesses - No Surprises, Number Two

May 16, 2022

Last week we looked at how a construction CFO crafts a cash flow plan, project by project. A cash...

No Guesses - No Surprises

May 09, 2022

Cash flow mismanagement is a primary cause of construction business failure.

The Science of Cash Flow Management

May 02, 2022

All competent builders should succeed. There is no reason for the contractor failure rate to be t...

SURPRISE We've Run Out of Money!

Apr 25, 2022

What surprised me most over the many years my consultancy finished hundreds of jobs for sureties ...

2022 Construction Inflation Alert

Apr 11, 2022

Many construction industry executives seem to believe that "runaway" inflation is the story of 20...

Right Sizing

Apr 04, 2022

Construction firms grow organically. Thomas Schleifer, PhD explains.

Planning IS Managing

Mar 28, 2022

The construction industry is unique in that the lag time between decision, execution and outcome ...

Core Plus Construction: Attracting & Preparing the Next Generation

Mar 24, 2022

All professions connected to the industry must take steps to introduce young people to constructi...

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What Workforce Shortage? The Problem Is in the Planning

Mar 24, 2022

Prior to, and exaggerated by, COVID-19, the problem among the construction workforce has been des...

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Waging A Counterattack on Opioids: First-Dose Prevention Strategies for the Workplace & at Home

Mar 24, 2022

"We’ve been hoodwinked. We’ve been Deceived into believing that, when it comes to managing pain, ...

Human Resources Leadership Building Profits
Zero Turnover

Mar 21, 2022

If you are in the construction business reading this blog on your cellphone at the job site, I ho...

A Conversation with Hope Voigt

Mar 21, 2022

Listen to our March 2022 episode of the podcast with Hope Voigt!

Leadership Meet the Members
Chat with the Chairman Episode 24: Tom Borgia

Mar 21, 2022

Meet CFMA's Incoming Chairman Tom Borgia! He chats with Pam about his career and plans for the up...

Leadership Meet the Members
Leadership: The Key to Successful Megaprojects

Mar 18, 2022

Despite the well-documented challenges of megaprojects — large-scale construction projects with b...

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Build A Better Career with CFMA

Mar 14, 2022

CFMA can help you advance your career. Learn how in this session about volunteer leadership oppor...

Inflation 2022-23

Mar 14, 2022

Recent conversations with construction CEOs reveal that many industry professionals believe the c...

The Biggest Problem with Incomplete Construction Data and How to Fix It

Mar 01, 2022

Most companies have some sort of method in place for collecting information from job sites. If th...

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Size Matters

Feb 28, 2022

Food for thought on risk, size, duration, and growth by Dr. Thomas Schleifer.

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